Nylon Tube Manufacturer -

Manlon Polymers - is an engineering plastics processing unit. We manufacture Nylon tubing / polyurethane tubes / TPE Tube / flexible coolant pipe. We also make PU Cords and 3d Printer Filaments. We process different types of engineering plastics mainly Nylon-6, Nylon 66, Nylon-12, TPE, PE, PP and Polyurethane. Manlon Polymers carry out plastic extrusion as well as molding at Ahmedabad, INDIA since last 30-yrs.


  • Nylon Tubes / Pipe / Hose     Polyurethane Tubes         PP tubes        PE tubes
  • Misting System Tubing     Coiled hoses-Nylon / PU     Flexible Plastic coolant pipe
  • Polyurethane Cords         Silicone Tubes         3d Printer Filament - Nylon / TPU        
  • Spiral Cables     Spiral-Earthing-Cables     Spiral-Safety-Cords
  • Piezometer Twin Tubes     Transperant Tubes     Nylon air brake tubing
  • High pressure Nylon Tubing and Nylon 6 tubing / Nylon 12 tubing
  • Liquid Off Take System Tube (LOT System)

  • Push in Fittings - Nylon Tube / PU Tube

  • Accessories:- Nylon tube cutter, PU Tube cutter, Blow guns, QRC, Camloack Coupling, Hose Reels, etc.

  • About Us :

  • Our processing unit has been established at Ahmedabad, India in 1987 by Mr.A.Maniar, B.E. (chemical) and Mr.V.Maniar, (Plastic Diploma) and is being efficiently run for the last thirty years. Mr. Zaki Maniar B.E.(Plastics) joined MANLON group and looking after production and quality control of our products. Our extruded and molded plastic products mainly flexible Nylon tube, Pu tube, Coiled hoses, Misting system tubes, Flexible Plastic coolant pipes and Spiral cables are widely accepted by reputed customers including OEM in various fields of industries.
  • NOTES :

  • Our motto is to provide best quality products at low price with prompt and time bound delivery.

3, Raniwala Estate,Behrampura,
Ahmedabad-380022,Gujarat, INDIA

Mobile : +91-93 27 000 706 , 98 25 77 33 62
E Mail : manlon@hotmail.com , info@manlon.in
URL : www.manlon.in / www.mistsystem.in

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