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Nylon is also known as Polyamide. Nylon or PA (Polyamide) is widely used engineering and industrial plastic material. This is due to its superior mechanical properties over various plastic materials. It gives good operational performance.

Nylon Filament 3D Printing Guide - MANLON :

Nylon is one of the most common 3D printing material. It is used as filament in FDM print tecnology. Nylon filament has many advantages such as flexibility, strength and smooth finish surface. There are various Nylon filaments available in the market. MANLON offers the quality Nylon Filaments in three different grades for 3D printing technology. The 3d printer filaments have different unique properties and require different operating temperatures to print.

Performance of Nylon (Polyamide) Filaments:

  Heat resistant and Impact resistant
  Low friction and good stiffness
  Nylon Filaments (Polyamide-PA 6, PA 66 , PA 12)
  Tough and Durable
  Excellent tensile modulus and strength
  Light weight and Odourless
  Resistant to alkalis and organic chemicals

Types of 3D Printer Nylon Filaments:

  Nylon 6 Filaments
  Nylon 66 Filaments
  Nylon 12 Filaments

 Available Filament colours:                                                    Available Filament sizes:

  Natural White, Black                                                                       1.75 mm
  Blue, Red                                                                                    2.75 mm
Green, yellow                                                                                    3.00 mm

A 3d printer filament is the thermoplastic feedstock and is fused deposited to make an item using 3D printers. It is among the most common but important 3D printing materials as you cannot produce any object without 3D priner filaments. Different types of filamens are available with different properties. Each type of filament requires different set of temperatures to print. The filament is normally available in two standard sizes (diameters) of 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm to suit the extruder hole.

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