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Our MANLON LOT tubes-Liquid Off Take System Tubes are flexible yet high impact resistant in nature.

This high pressure LOT tube is manufactured from a special grade of Polyamide to carry LPG from cylinder valve to manifold. It can be fitted with crimped fittings for leak-proof joint.

The LPG LOT system is an advanced concept when multi-cylinders are required to be installled for bulk usage. The system carries off liquid LPG from each cylinder and LOT valve supplying LPG to vaporizer though a manifold.

 How high pressure LOT System works?
 The LOT system is not only known for their compact and unique design, the system provides the safe usage. Liquid Off Take system withdraws LPG via controlled LOT valves. The LPG liquid is then converted into vapour passing through a voprizer. Normal off take gas from a single cylider is around 0.60 Kg/Hr whereas LOT system helps acheive the LPG take off as high as 10 Kg/Hr per cylinder. LOT system with specially modified polymer tube is highly cost effective and safe to use as the tube has a polish finished bore and no residual built up. You can use MANLON - LOT system tube as a straight tube or can be used in a Preformed bend postion.

 High pressure LOT System Tube- Features
 Pressure losses are minium because of smooth internal surface of the tube.
 MANLON -LOT tube has low weight as compared to rubber hoses.
 Working Pressure upto 35 Bar and temperature upto 65 Degree C
 Durable and corrosion resitant finish.
 Best as LOT system tube

 Available Sizes: High pressure LOT System Tube
 14 mm OD x 10 mm ID
 16 mm OD x 13 mm ID
 18 mm OD x 15 mm ID
 Other sizes as per customer requirment


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