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  MANLON - Spiral Cables are manufactured in various wire sizes, no.of Cores and different
  Expandable (Working) lengths.

  Wire Sizes : 0.15, 0.25, 1.5, 2.5, 4 Sq mm; and more
  Core : 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 & up to to 25 Core;
  Expandable (Working) length : up to 10 mtrs.
  Single core Earthing Spiral Cables are made from 1.5 to 35 sq mm.

  Wire Insulation Material : PVC / PA / PTFE (TEFLON)
  Outer Jaket Material : PUR / PA / TPE
Customized spiral cables & cords are also manufactured and supplied. MANLON - Spiral Cables offer a longer life than typical linear cables during equipment movement operation. Spiral Cable - MANLON make is also known as Coiled Cable or Curly Cable. When you take one end of spiral cable and pull it, you get a much longer extended length. We use specially formulated thermoplastic polymer for outer jacket to give fast retraction and long life to spiral cable.

Spiral Cables of wire sizes 4 sq.mm and above are also available.

MANLON - Spiral Cable : High Quality

 We are one of the reputed spiral power cable manufacturers in India.
 Get rid of your long cable if you are tired of winding and tangling such cables.
 Use MANLON Coiled Cables and give your electric work a fresh life and good look.
 They are designed to withstand constant, repetitive and periodical movement during operation.
  Spiral Power cables possess high degree of resistance to vibration and abrasion with good performance.
  When you use our spiral power cable, you get quality material which adds value and strength to your work.

MANLON - Spiral Cable : Applications

- Sensor cables for Medical equipments, Road equipments, CNC m/c, etc.
- MPG (Manual Pulse Generator)cables and Data Collector Cables.
- Vacuum lifting equipments, Movable Motors, Cranes, etc.
- Safety cords for gym equipments and mobile shops.
- Retractable Soot Blower cable in Power plants.
- IBMS- Integrated building management systems.
- Telescopic cameras, Search light operations.
- Architectural, Workshop tables, etc.
- Earthing cables / Grounding cable.
- Swivel Medical Chairs.

MANLON Spiral Power Cable can be extended while in use and retracted to its original closed length when stored. This saves you space, gives safety to your working personal and leaves your work area clean. As a quality Spiral Cable Manufacturer , we use specially formulated thermoplastic polymer as outer jacket to give long life and fast retraction to spiral cable.
Remember MANLON - Spiral cable is a perfect solution for any issue of wrapping around wires.

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