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 Cable Liners : Types & Properties

Manlon - Auto Control Cable Liners manufactured by Manlon Polymers are of high performance. These cable liners are exclusively developed for the automotive control cables.

The automotive control cables are considered as critical components among all automotive components. A liner is a most important sub part of any control cable used in automobile industry as it helps reduce sliding resistance in extending the performance and service life of an automotive control cable.
The final goal of every control cable manufacturer is to improve the sliding resistance occurred between actuating cable and internal liner surface. This is possible only by reducing friction. This can be partially achieved by injecting surface lubricant during control cable assembly. Use of Thermoplastic liners has since become most common choice for the automotive control cable manufacturer. Due to the low coefficient of friction of Thermoplastic materials, a reduced friction is achieved.

We offer liners in ....

Polyamides - Nylon 6, Nylon 66, PA 12,

Polyacetal - POM, Derlin, Hostaform HDPE, PP, PTFE, etc.

COLORS : Natural-white, Black, Blue, Yellow, green, Red, etc.

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