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Plastic flexible coolant pipe are rigid in nature but most convenient and flexible to work with. Our MANLON flexible machine coolant pipe / flexible coolant tubes are manufactured from engineering thermoplastic- Nylon material. These plastic coolant hose has high impact strength and are adjustable at any length. They are availble in different sizes - diameter and length.

 Flexible Machine Coolant Pipe : Features

 Plastic flexible cooling pipe-Resistant to abrasion and vibration

 Flexible coolant hose-Pressure losses are low because of smooth internal surface.

 Adjustable plastic coolant tube-Low weight as compared to metal hoses.

 Plastic Flexible  Coolant Tubes  Plastic Flexible Cooling Pipe  Plastic flexible Coolant line  Plastic Flexible Coolant Hose
1/4"BSP x 6"L 3/8"BSP x 6"L 1/2"BSP x 6"L 3/4"BSP x 6"L
1/4"BSP x 9"L 3/8"BSP x 9"L 1/2"BSP x 9"L 3/4"BSP x 9"L
1/4"BSP x 12"L 3/8"BSP x 12"L 1/2"BSP x 12"L 3/4"BSP x 12"L
1/4"BSP x 15"L 3/8"BSP x 15"L 1/2"BSP x15"L 3/4"BSP x 15"L
1/4"BSP x 18"L 3/8"BSP x 18"L 1/2"BSP x18"L 3/4"BSP x18"L
1/4"BSP x 24"L 3/8"BSP x 24"L 1/2"BSP x24"L 3/4"BSP x 24"L
1/4"BSP x 30"L 3/8"BSP x 30"L 1/2"BSP x30"L 3/4"BSP x30"L
1/4"BSP x 36"L 3/8"BSP x 36"L 1/2"BSP x36"L 3/4"BSP x 36"L

  Aadjustable coolant hose with Y-connection, round & flat nozzles are available.


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