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Misting System - Tube, Fittings, Nozzles, etc. are manufactured and supplied by Manlon Polymers in India. Misting System India - MANLON is in manufacturing field since 1987. We cater to almost all type of industries and can develop customized misting system as per specification, drawing and requirements.

Misting System is manufactured and available for ;
- High pressure-100 Bar (1500 psi).... - Medium pressure-40 Bar (600 psi).... - Low pressure-20 Bar (300 psi).

The misting tube is manufactured from virgin engineering thermoplastic material-PE/Nylon.
The various fittings and nozzles are made of brass with nickle plating.

Misting tube - Black
Misting Tube - PE / Nylon 3/8" OD, 1/4" OD & 12" OD black,Pr.: 75 Bar
1/4" OD x 1.5 mm Thk, blk. Wkg Pr: 35 Bar

Misting pipe
Misting System-Restaurant
Misting System-Applications
Industries,Hotels,Live stock Farms,
Poultry farm,Green house,Ginning-Pressing mills,

Double Feruule Fitting
Misting System-Fittings
Connectors with Nozzle holder,Tee, Elbow,
End Plug, Nozzle Extension, etc.

Slip Lock Fitting

Misting Nozzle
Misting Nozzles
Sizes: 0.10, 0.20, 0.30, 0.40 & 0.50 mm
Brass body with nickle platting, SS oriice

Misting System Clamp
Sizes: for 3/8", 1/4" & 1/2" tubes
Suitable for High Pressure Lines

Misting System at Railway Station to comfort passegers:

MANLON - Misting System India

MANLON Polymers has technical expertise in manufacturing, designing highest quality Misting System for Commercial, Agriculture, Industrial and Residential cooling applications. With more than three decades of manufacturing experience of high pressure misting system - tubes, nozzles, connectors - our misting system India products are widely chosen to mist cool;
- Restaurants, Terrace-cafes and Resorts
- Poultry Farms, Live-stock Farms
- Malls, Multiplexes
- Sports and Theme Parks, Entertainment Events
- Industries; Cotton Ginning & Pressing Mills, Warehouses

3, Raniwala Estate,Behrampura,
Ahmedabad-380022,Gujarat, INDIA

Mobile : +91-93 27 000 706 , 98 25 77 33 62
E Mail : manlon@hotmail.com , info@manlon.in
URL : www.manlon.in / www.mistsystem.in

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