: Nylon Tube Bend / Nylon Fuel Line

Manlon - nylon tube / nylon tubing is manufactured by heat melting nylon granules and extruding the tube. As the molten mass cools down to room temperature,it is wound on spool/coil where it takes its characteristic light bend.

Nylon tube is bendable at different angles and plane depending on size of tube.When offset comes while laying tube,bending becomes necessary. One of the features of nylon tube is that it is flexible,yet that is also one of the problems with it! Hence, it is always advisable to purchase nylon tube bend of required shape instead of purchasing straight tube and bending at the time of installation.

While making nylon tubing bend the tube is subjected to heat treatment with simultaneous quenching.We take utmost care while bending process-heating,jigging/forming,quenching-to avoid kinking. The nylon tube bend radius is an important factor that needs to be considerd while bending process.

Our technical team is specialized in designing tools and process for any complex multi-nylon tube bend configuration and even end-forming profiles.

Manlon - Nylon tube bend is used in the fuel system in automotive vehicles and oil circulation system in machinery, and there are certain places where it becomes necessary to bend the tubing and keep it stay in the shape permanently.

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