Nylon Tube - Nylon Tubing

Manlon nylon tube is manufactured from vargin granules of : Nylon-6, Nylon-66, Nylon-11, Nylon-12, also known as Polyamide or PA6, PA66, PA11 & PA12.

Nylon Tube : Properties & Features

- High impact strength, High resistant to abrasion and Good functioning over wide range of temperature.
- Tubes are semi flexible to super flexible and so a best substitute to copper and other metallic pipes
- Available in different grades - PA6, PA66, PA11 and PA12 tubings and in various colors.
- can be used for medium to high pressure to convey gas, oil, air and other fluids.
- Significant chemical, mechanical, thermal & electrical properties.

Nylon Tube : Advantages

- very cost effective
- bendable and re-bendable easily
- flexible in nature (copper / Alumininium tubes are rigid basically)
- available in various colors such as white, black, blue, yellow, red, green etc.

Nylon Tube- Useful Guide Lines :

 While installation, take proper care not to give excessive bend and  twist or tension to tube or otherwise, the tube may get kinking and   leads to damage or even breakage.

 Do not forget to observe the rule of minimum bend radius rule for  each size of nylon tube as different sizes have different bend radii.

 Careful laying of tube will also give protection against abrasion. Possible effect of shrinkage will be compensated by allowing sufficient length of tube.

 End fittings should be used as per best practice in the industry. While making end fitting connection, make it sure the tube ends are cut at right angles and the cross section of tube does not look elliptical. If this is not followed properly, leakage may occur at the fitting. Manlon tube fittings specially developed for nylon tubing are the best alternative.

 Do not use tubes having damages such crack, kink, collapsed and uneven outside surface as all these reduce the quality and performance of tubes.

 While using nylon tube for pressure purpose, always consider the temperature involved in the application as it can affect pressure rating of nylon tube.

 If the fluid flow rate is high in the tube, it may cause to develop static energy which may lead to fire and so in such cases our manlon antistatic nylon tubing is recommended.
1/4"Nylon Tube     


1) You can buy nylon tubes in various colors like Blue, Yellow, Orange, Black, Green, transperant, etc.
2) Nylon tubes are also known as PA Tubes, PA pipes,Pneumatic Tubes,Pneumatic pipes,Plastic Tubes, Plastic Pipes, Engineering Pipes, PVC Pipes, spring pipes, plastic hose, plastic coil, high pressure pipes, pressure tubes, air pipe, air tubes,break pipes,air break tubes, non metallic tubes, etc.

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