News Letter : February 2014/1

 Plastic Spring Coil:

Plastic Spring Coils are manufactured from FRP. It is a composite material specially developed for suspension applications in PV - Passenger Vehicle and LCV- Light Commercial Vehicle. The automotive industry uses Steel springs presently. Plastic Spring Coils are slowly replacing Steel Coil Springs in automotive industry.

Few Benefits of FRP Coil Springs Over Steel Coil Springs:

  Weight of a vehicle is estimated to be reduced by 4-6 kg, as FRP Plastic is 40 to 70% less by weight as compared to Steel.

  Fuel consumption during manufacturing reduces considerably as it requires     five time less energy during manufacturing process.

  A significant reduction in use of consumables has been observed.

  Manufacturing process for FRP Coil Springs is less labor intensive.

  They are more durable as they do not corrode.

 Use of plastic Coil Springs helps noise reduction and gives better    performance.

Plastic Coil Springs Plastic Coil Springs help achieve mass production economically and fast

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