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MANLON PE tubes also known as Polyethylene Tubing is flexible in nature, resistant to various chemicals and of low cost. It is available in different colours- white, black, blue, yellow, red, green, etc. The Polyethelene tube is made from HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE material.

 Polyethylene Tube : Features & Properties
 Resistant to vibration and abrasion.
 Pressure losses are low due to smooth internal surface of PE tubes.
 Polyethylene tube has good dimensional stability and greater tensile strength.
 Working Pressure: upto 15 kg/cm2 (225 PSI) and Temperature: -60 to +60 degree C.
 MANLON -polyethylene tubings (tubes) have low weight as compared to rubber hoses.
 It is ideal for use with air and water including DM water and RO Water.

 Polyethylene Tube Sizes:

 PE Tube - Sizes Coil Length Wkg.Pressure
 4mm x 2 mm 100mtrs 15 kg/cm2 (225 PSI)
 6mm x 4mm 100mtrs 15 kg/cm2 (225 PSI)
 8mm x 6mm 100mtrs 12 kg/cm2 (175 PSI)
 10mm x 7mm 100mtrs 10 kg/cm2 (150 PSI)
 12mm x 9mm 100 mtrs 10 kg/cm2 (150 PSI)
 15mm x 12mm 100 mtrs 10 kg/cm2 (150 PSI)
 5/32" OD x 1mm Wall Thk 100 mtrs 15 kg/cm2 (225 PSI)
 1/4" OD x 1mm Wall Thk 100 mtrs 15 kg/cm2 (225 PSI)
 3/8" OD x 1.5mm Wall Thk 100 mtrs 10 kg/cm2 (150 PSI)
 1/2" OD x 1.5mm Wall Thk 100 mtrs 10 kg/cm2 (150 PSI)

MANLON - Polyethylene tubing can be fitted with the variety of tube fittings such as
- Push-On-type Fittings (instant tube fittings - One Touch Fittings)
- Push-In-type fittings
- Brass or Aluminium type fittings.
- The PE tube can be fitted well with QRC- Quick Release Couplings.

MANLON - Polyethylene tubes of customised sizes are also available.


1) You can buy PE tubes in various colors like Blue, Yellow, Orange, Black, Green, natural white, etc.
2) Polethylene tube is also known as PE Tube, PE pipes, Pneumatic Tubes,Pneumatic pipes,Plastic Tubes,Plastic Pipes, Engineering Pipes, PVC Pipes, spring pipes, plastic hose, plastic coil, high pressure pipes, pressure tubes, air pipe, air tubes,break pipes, air break tubes, non metallic tubes, etc.

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