MANLON - Quick Release Hose Couplings

MANLON - Quick Release hose couplings also known as QRC are devices which allow easy and immediate connection and disconnection of hydraulic and pneumatic lines. QRC are available for low pressure air lines (upto 500 psi pressure) and for high pressure hydraulic lines (upto 5000 psi pressure). MANLON quick release coupling when installed in the system, helps save time.

 MANLON-Quick Release Coupling / QRC: Properties / Features

 Single check valve type QRC is used for low pressure.

 double check valve type is used for high pressure.

 Material of construction : MS, SS, brass

 Ends: Male / female / hose type.

 QUICK COUPLING can be used in the line to help align system components and the numerous quality helps prevent twisting of hose.

 Uses / Applications: Automobile, pneumatic and hydraulic, oil, water and air.

 Pressure Unit Conversion: 1 kg/cm2 = 1 Bar = 1 Atmosphere = 14.7 PSI

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