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    MANLON - Spiral / Coiled Earthing Cable

Manlon Polymers manufactures Spiral Earthing Cables - earthing cables in spiral or coiled forms. Our MANLON - spiral cables are supplied to almost all type of industries. We manufacture plastic engineering items including coiled cables & cords for last more than 25 years. Our MANLON - Spiral Earthing Cables are light-weight and designed to withstand rough handling and harsh industrial surroundings (1-C & 1.5 Sq.mm to 35 sq.mm,with up to 10 meter expandable - stretchable Length).

    MANLON - Coiled Earthing Cables - Features :

- Made of highly flexible multi strand Cu conductors
- Special outer jacket of abrasion and moisture resistant material - PUR/TPE/PA.
- Material is specifically made to withstand 105 degree C temperature.
- High mechanical strength, light weight and low electric resistance.
- Ergonomic design, excellent shape retention quality and easy to operate.
- The smaller dia, tighter coil and fast memory allows the spiral cable, a compact design.

    MANLON - Spiral Earthing Cable - Applications :

- To load & unload the hazardous material from drum, tank or container.
- To prevent the risk of explosion from static charge or sparks.
- To control earthing for trucks & tankers.
- To safely discharge the electrostatic charge.
- To ground vehicles, containers, trailors and industrial equipments.
- To make transfer and handling of flammable products safe.

Operators doing loading and unloading job of petrochemicals, textile chemicals and pharma chemicals require ever-inceasing performance of system and equipments.These Movable trailers and equipments require medium voltage flexible Spiral cables for grounding the static charge. In the elctric charge grounding application, cables of high mechanical strength and safety have led to the use of our MANLON Spral cable of high grade mechanical resistant and PU insulation. The experience we gai every day from our customers in indusries contributes to the improved design of our flexible Spiral cables.

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