MANLON - Clear / Transperant - Plastic Tubes

Our MANLON Plastic tubes are available in two different grades :

1) Polyproplene (PP) transperant tubings are semi flexible with good impact strength and have fairly good air and oil pressure withstanding capaciabilty. Oil or colored fluid passing through the PP tubes can be observed easily.

2) Polyurethane (PU) transperant or clear tubings are super flexible in nature and has rubber tube like resilance and flexibility. However, polyuretane tubes are capable to withstand upto 12 kg/cm2 (175psi) pressure.

Our MANLON - clear and transperant Polyurethane tube and Polyproplene tube can be fitted with the variety of tube fittings such as Push-On Fittings (instant fittings) or push-in-type fittings, brass or aluminium type fittings. These plastic tubes can be fitted well with QRC- quick release couplings.

 Transperant Plastic Tubes : Features

 Resistant to abrasion and vibration

 Pressure losses are low because of smooth internal surface.

 Low weight as compared to rubber hoses.

 Working Pressure upto 40 kg/cm2 and temperature upto 60 C

 Clear Tube-Sizes Coil Length Wkg.Pressure
 6mm x 4mm 100mtrs 12 to 30 kg/cm2
 8mm x 6mm 100mtrs 10 to 25 kg/cm2
 10mm x 8mm 100mtrs 10 to 20 kg/cm2
 12mm x 9mm 100 mtrs 7 to 15 kg/cm2
 12mm x 8mm 100 mtrs 10 to 20 kg/cm2
 16mm x12mm 100 mtrs 10 to 15 kg/cm2


1) You can buy transperant or clear plastic tubes in two grades - Polypropelene or PP and Polyurethane or PU.
2) Transperant plastic tubings are also known as Polyurethane clear tubes, PU Tubes, PU pipes,Pneumatic Tubes,Pneumatic pipes,Plastic Tubes, Plastic Pipes, Engineering Pipes, PVC Pipes, spring pipes, plastic hose, plastic coil, pressure pipes, pressure tubes, air pipe, air tubes,break pipes, air break tubes, non metallic tubes, etc.

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