-Piezometer Tubes / Thermoplastic Tubes

 Water Level Indicator - Piezometer System
Water Level Indicator is designed to measure the water level and total depth of borehole, well, reservoirs, etc. For measuring the level/depth, the probe is lowered to the water level. On touching the water level, a sensor gives the illumination at a signal lamp.

The unit is light weight; battery operated and gives accurate and quick readings with audible signal. Cable Length: 20, 30, 50 and 100 meter with marking at every meter (200 meter is available on demand) Power: 9V DC; No danger of shock from an outside supply. The battery is housed in an easy access battery-drawer.

Manlon Piezometer Tubes are commonly used in pneumatic piezometer and hydraulic piezometer system design.

 Pneumatic Piezometer / Hydaulic piezometer System : Design & Installation

Nowadays, hydraulic or pneumatic piezometers are widely used to measure pore water pressure in soft soil / clays and landfills. Piezometer with piezometer tubes helps monitoring ;
  Pore water pressure to determine slope stability & resilience, safe rate of excavation and filling.
  The overall effects of ground improvement particularly for vertical sand drains.
  The effects of dewatering phenomenon during excavations.
  Pore water pressures to verify control systems at tailing dams and land fills.

Piezometer tube bundle also known as twin pneumatic tubes runs from the terminal at the surface to the end of the piezometer. Pour pressures reading are collected with the help of a pneumatic indicator. Different sizes of tubes are available depending on applications and requirements. 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm dia piezometer tubes are most common for pneumatic and hydraulic piezometer systems. The tubes are individually extruded and then polymer coated together to make one solid bundle of twin-tube. During the whole process a strict quality control and check is maintained.

 Piezometer tubings for Piezometer:: Advantages:

MANLON Piezometer Tubings are manufactured from a specially formulated thermoplastic.
 The non-corrosive properties of these plastic tubes enhance the long term performance of piezometer.
 Twin tube design is well-suited with flow and non-flow reading methods.
 Semi-flexible nature of tubes helps easy piezometer installation.
  The tubings are tough, resistant to friction, abrasion and host of chemicals.
  Our tubes are capable of withstanding gas pressure of more than 30 Bar (450 psi)
  Piezometer twin tubes are available in a continuous length up to 300 meters (1000 ft).
  Different color of each twin-tubes helps identify input tube and vent tube easily.

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