- Coiled Power Cable - Spiral cables

We are a custom cable manufacturer and are able to offer a very specialized service to many of our clients. We manufacture and offer as little as 10 meters of spiral-coiled cable, more economically. Coiled-spiral-retractable cables work effectively, as such power cord can be streched when in use and retracted to its original collapsed postion while stored. This ensures operational safety and cleanliness around work area.

Manlon coiled power cable posseses spring-like action that allows to strech the cable and bend with minimal stress on wires. The coiled cables can be easily extended to a length many times greater than the original (collepsible)length.

 Coiled Power Cable - Specifications :

While ordering the MANLON coiled cable, you just need to specify:

 Amperes and material of conductor.

 Numbers of wires required.

 Working length of spiral cord.

 Coiled Power Cable - Sheeting :

The final sheathing material for our MANLON spiral cable is either with Polyamide or Polyurethane, depending upon the application.

We supply coiled power cables without end terminals and also with terminals.


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