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MANLON - Manual Pulse Generator-Spiral Cable

Manlon Polymers manufactures spiral Cables for MPG devices. MPG cable is used with the manual pulse generator device that generates electrical pulses. Manlon manual pulse generator cable allows short bursts of very low current in electronic circuit to be suitable to be used in CNC machine tools, microscopes and such other electronic devices that need precise component positioning. A typical MPG device consists of MPG cable and rotating knob. This knob generates and sends electric pulses of low current to the controller with the help of MPG cable. This helps each piece of equipment to move to a predetermined fix position. Our retractable MPG spiral cables are light-weight and are designed to withstand harsh industrial surroundings in workshops and assembly lines.

MANLON – MPG Cable, 3 Meter x 19 Core - Extends 13 Ft., Hand wheel cable for Manual Pulse Generator.

MANLON – MPG Cable, 3 Meter x 25 Core - Extends 13 Ft., Hand wheel cable for Manual Pulse Generator.

MANLON-Manual Pulse Generator spiral cable is a coiled cable. It stretches when you walk around the machine with pendant to keep it away from the floor. The MPG cable is also known as manual pulse generator cable, handy pendant cable, hand pendant cable, spirex cable, spiral cable, coiled cable. Our MPG Cables in spiral form are widely used with Manual Pulse Generator, Jog Wheel Control or Remote MPG Hand Wheel. MPG Pendant is CNC Machine Tool Remote Control device and is used to jog almost all types of axis on the CNC Machines.

MANLON - MPG cables are made of highly flexible multi strand Cu conductors with TEFLON insulation having special outer jacket of abrasion and moisture resistant material - PUR/TPE/PA. The smaller spiral dia, tighter coil and fast memory allows the spiral cable, a compact design. We design and make Coiled Cables to suit the customer needs.

We are capable to offer a wide range of MPG Cables for various applications including CNC machine tools, industrial machinery,on some microscopes,Motorized Ball Valve, Circulation Pump, Solar Power Pump etc.

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